2017 Wrap Up: Non-fiction & Series

I'm combining these into one blog post, because it's already February {Edit: Now it's March? when did this happen?} and I think that these 2017 year-in-review posts are dragging on.

So here's a quick wrap up of my favourite nonfiction and series from 2017.

If I was a put together person I would have finished these way back in January, but clearly I'm not on it, so here we are. In March. Still reviewing 2017 books.

But in my defense I found out that I've apparently been battling the flu for a month or so. So motivation for blogging and life in general has been at 0%.

So here's a quick last 2017 Wrap Up post, and then we're back to our normal schedule (of sporadic posts/no posts at all. Depending on how fast I can kick the last vestiges of the flu out of my system).

First up is my favourite non-fiction reads of the year:

Nonfiction: Sacred Mundane by Kari Patterson

This book is a celebration of the mundane. Sometimes, when doing endlessly repeating mindl…

The Bibliophile Sweater Tag!

I saw this on Christine's blog, and decided to do it, because it looked fun! ...even though I wasn't officially tagged (but I feel like half of tag posts are people who haven't been formally tagged. So...).

I wanted to do this because I love sweaters. Since I live in a very rainy part of the world, sweaters are a must 9+ months of the year :)

The tag was originally in October, which is most fitting, but it's still prime sweater weather here, people pull out their brightest coloured sweaters to drive the January/February blues away.
(And also even for those 3 months in the summer when it's warm enough to not need sweaters, people still take them everywhere. Just in case. Old habits die hard)

Fuzzy sweater (a book that is the epitome of comfort)

Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (or anything by her, to be honest).

I can devour it in a day, and it's just such a cozy read.

It features a character who is actually a fire spirit, so it demands to be read near …

Best of 2017: Artsy

So I did end up catching that flu bug that’s going around.
My immune system held up for over 2 weeks though, so that’s rad. What’s not rad is how this flu is STILL going around even after more than two weeks.
Anyway, I’m holed up in bed, because I’m too sick to get up and do anything remotely productive in between naps, and that's driving me nuts. So what better thing to do than to discuss all of the artsy books from 2017?
{NOTE: And then I waited a FULL week to edit. Write when sick and delirious, edit when lucid and well is my personal version of that Ernest Hemingway quote, apparently}
These are the books that are hard to describe under any other category, and are works of art. Or just the ones that are really, really, pretty.
You know, artsy.
And as usual, this isn't in any particular order.
Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady

My biology teacher from a couple years ago recommended this to me.
It's absolutely beautiful. The author, Edith Holden, apparently spent a year (1906) chr…